Week 1

Permission Slip to be 
Concept Ad 2.jpg
Concept Ad 1.jpg

These Ads are selling happiness as their emotional product.


Week 2

Visual Brainstorming

This is my Mind Mapping assignment as a form of Brain Storming exercise.

This is my Earth Day thumbnails assignment as a form of Brain Storming exercise.

This is the assignment is a Mood Board to indicate the type of mood the new add will reflect.                                                

My homework assignment is to sketch a concert ticket of your favorite band, so I chose Andre' Rieu Orchestra as my band and my old friend Angela Brown as the singer. It is my dream to see her perform live! Yes, I love classical and opera! I hope someday, I will see performances live at The Met and Lincoln Center. And I would love to see some Broadway Musical productions as well.

Week 3

My Contrasting Ads Assignment. 
1. Contrasting in colors of Bell Peppers. And contrast in color between price and description.
2. Here is where Sprouts uses contrast between their fonts in the title of their store and in what type of store it is.
3. Here is contrast expressed between avocados that has been cut in half and avocados that has never been cut. And their coloring also show contrast between them.
4. By using contrast in colors, I can crowd up all of my descriptions and still easily readable. Contrast can make things easier to read and avoid sensory overload or boredom.
This is the Birthday Invitation Assignment of three styles of Balance.
Symmetrical keeps everything balanced on both sides. It is like being able to fold a picture in half and open it to see both sides looks the same. Completely balanced.
Asymmetrical is also balanced like symmetrical, except it does not have a duplicated look on both sides, while still maintaining balance of both sides.
Unbalanced is the last one where there is no sense of symmetrical balances. Do you see most of the words and balloons leans more on the left side of the invitation while the right side is not as crowded with less items in there.
Yes, Pi Day is on March 14. :-)
Ransom Note Assignment where we use contrast in the most chaotic and unbalanced sort of way, like how I used colors and sizes for week 3. Which side has more contrast? Right side or left side? Actually the right side is both.
It says "Love is the Answer Let's love each other always"

Week 4

Idea File 1

This is Princey Poo my chihuahua. I am fascinated with this photograph because it is unique and original, especially the way he looks licking his tongue out as if it were intentional. It was not. It grabs the attention of every person who saw this and end up with a chuckle.

The contrast here is quite fascinating to me because this is the color of someone's hand and their own stomach. Yea, its mines.

Contrast can help us to see things more clearly and see their distinction between them. If my hand and my stomach were the same exact color, then you would not see their differences.

This is my Grass Fed and Pasture ~ Raised Butter by Vital Farms. I was fascinated with this butter because it is also very artistic and creative looking. I like how symmetrical their design is that creates the harmonious look that is peaceful and positive the way the cows are raised. I keep a box around because it is so decorative. 

This beautiful man's face fascinates me. There is contrast and harmony all in his coloring of his skin, hairs and eyes. And symmetrical beauty of his face.  He just look like a beautiful work of art that captivates my soul, especially he is reflecting the peacefulness of his spirituality in his pose. It gives me a sense of calmness looking at this photograph.

Other Assigments
10. Website.jpg

The three drawings on the left side is more about different forms of contrast in different exercises.

The one on the top is showing two different versions of a web page that I sketched. The one on the left has bad contrast issues where things are not easily readable and too crowded with elements too close together. 

The one of the right is the solution to the problem in making a more readable website that is more enjoyable to browse. Wouldn't you agree?


Week 5

Alignment Grouping & Harmony

Welcome to week 5 of my assignments.


I chose this Garth Brooks ad because  I think it is quite interesting how they have a centered alignment on the right side of the page. The repetition is the same one I am using for week 5, which is the repetition of the colors of red, white and black. And the repetition of the color of the fonts as well, which I what I choose to do also with my white fonts.

Summer Nights 

Harmonious Repetition

Toy Store 

Alignment, Contrast and Emphasis


Week 6

Flow Ad Assignment

Week 7

Naming the Nine Steps

based on a video I watched. You can watch too:  

1. Rule of Thirds at right John's eye

2. Leading Lines points to Edwardo

3. Diagonals in a beautiful garden

4. Framing me

5. Figure the Ground with Princey P

6. Fill the Frames with my father

7. Center Dominant Eye of Leo

8.Pattern and Repetition of my curls

9. Symmetry of the Buddha


Week 8

Color Symbolism

Yellow feels happy and warm like a beautiful spring day. It feels like a bright new beginning! Sunshine!

Blue is the color of the sky and the ocean. Blue is home for me as a south Floridian who loved the serenity of being at the beach watching the waves.

Green is in life of trees, grass and flower stems. It feels like heaven to be surrounded by the beauty of green everywhere. Florida is Yellow, Blue & Green! 

Color Analysis

These are the colors of relaxation, which is what their customers are seeking in various types of massages. Soft greens, tans and whites are serene.

Another example of Spa using soft colors to create the feel of relaxation and calm. This one add more contrast to create the same message. Calm & relax.

This is the products that I use in my hair. The soft coral color offing the gentleness of the relaxation of a Spa or being in a subtropical place like Florida. White add to the calm and relaxation of the product.

Week 9

Wedding Bouquet



I am

Ideal File 2

This beautiful child is very symmetrical with unbelievable perfection. This photographer truly captured the unique beauty of this child with very simple and harmonious colors.
Rainbow Meaning.jpg
This has more of an element of focusing on the diversity of Culture Creative communities. It is amazing how Primary and Secondary colors could create (plus light blue) can create something that can attract a larger population of people than they could if they were separated.
I love this beautiful illustration. I love the calming and peaceful colors as if it is offering serenity. The perspective of the stairs pointing towards heaven another symbol towards peacefulness. We can find this within.

Lint Lint Lint by KJ Always

Lint Lint Lint

Where did it went

Here and there

and every where

Be not confused

Its inside your shoes

its in your hair

its every where

Lint Lint Lint - KJ Always
00:00 / 00:00

Week 10

Ideal Files 3 
Do you see the intensity in her eyes? Does she draw you in? I like how the photographer captured her vulnerability on camera to where curiosity or fascination can be aroused. What do you see when you look at this young lady?
Check out that perspective view of the train tracks and the trees! It is pointing us towards a mysterious location that is down those tracks. Does this makes you feel a sense of curiosity? Or does it makes you feel cautious? Does it makes you want to have a sense of adventure? How does looking at this photo impacts you?
Have you seen that PBS documentary on hummingbirds? Do you have hummingbirds in your back yard, like I do sometimes? They are so amazing how they have the fastest wings and can maneuver themselves like a helicopter! So I decided to post a photograph of them and their fascinating beautiful colors. How do you like it? 
See the monochromatic green color in the repetition of the trees, the grass and the leaves? Do you see how it created a beautiful place that looks so peaceful yet energetic? Does it make you feel a sense of serenity? Does it makes you want to embrace your inner child and run through the cluster of trees? Does it makes you feel spiritual? What do it make you feel? 

Final Project 


Mind Map

Gather Information

Mood Board


The Advertisement